Our Values​


PKSS prioritizes professionalism in presenting various Human Resources solutions with integrity and competitiveness to advance your company. PKSS Corporate Culture values ​​are PRIORITAS (Professional, Reliable, Integrity, Business Orientation and Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Creativity).

PKSS workers are experts in their field of work

PKSS workers are reliable and trustworthy

PKSS workers apply work ethics, values, policies and company regulations, are honest and responsible

PKSS employees prioritize business and customer satisfaction

PKSS workers are able to produce new things and provide solutions


Through the tagline "HR SOLUTIONS PARTNER", PKSS encourages your company to grow sustainably in generating profitability through integrated Human Resources solutions. Thus, workforce management runs efficiently and your company can focus on business development.

Dynamic Circle

Using a circular shape with bold and bright colors but still using the basic colors of Blue, Orange and Grey, this "Dynamic Circle" is the right choice to represent the values ​​of PKSS by providing a psychological effect of continuity and continuity and dynamic, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, safe and flexible.

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