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Man Power Outsourcing (MPO)

Providing human resources who are professional and skilled in their fields is our concern in encouraging your company to focus on business development and efficiency.

PKSS provides solutions for Provision of Outsourced Personnel for your company to meet temporary needs or fill labor shortages in various fields. In addition, PKSS can help your company improve work efficiency and productivity by providing a trained and experienced workforce.

Get a competitive advantage by using PKSS Functional Staff!

PKSS is ready to assist your company in meeting specific needs, starting from Administrative Personnel to Marketing Personnel who are experts in their fields.

Grow your company's business by employing qualified PKSS Professional and Managerial Staff!

PKSS Professional and Managerial Personnel such as IT, SPV and Managers have experience and expertise in managing business, developing strategies and leading teams effectively.

PKSS provides security guard services who are responsible for managing the security of your company's assets. PKSS security personnel have also been equipped with training centers and security operational standards in various types of business fields. training center dan standar operasional pengamanan di berbagai jenis bidang usaha.

Get the best support for your company's business by using PKSS Support Workers who are reliable and trained!

PKSS provides Support Staff, namely Drivers, Cleaning Services and Basic Workers who will assist your company in carrying out business operations, such as administration, cleaning and building maintenance. By using the PKSS Support Workforce Provision solution, your company will be more efficient and productive, so that your company can focus on developing your main business.

PKSS provides People Development services, which can assist your company in managing Human Resources, starting from candidate search and selection to career development, skills training and development, and employee management. This service helps your company to assess the competence and potential of prospective workers or employees of your company.

The process of fulfilling the right job candidates through a recruitment process that can be tailored to the needs of your company. Implementation can be carried out online and face-to-face, supported by technology-based equipment and infrastructure facilities so that it can reach a wide range of prospective workers.

The process of finding the best candidate for a particular position, to assist your company in identifying required qualifications and ensuring that the shortlisted candidates meet these criteria more quickly and effectively.

Candidate selection process with psychological assessment to assist your company in identifying the right quality candidates according to the position needed.

It is one of the Assessment processes to identify individual competency profiles in accordance with the job competency requirements. Using behavioral simulation methods and competency-based interviews. Implementation can be done online and face to face.

Is the stage of the recruitment process to check the correctness of information on prospective workers including education checks, information about previous companies, identity verification, address verification, to verification of security records which can be done with reference to the database. This process is carried out to ensure that workers or prospective employees are truly suitable candidate assets and do not harbor potential problems in the future.

It is the process of analyzing the behavior of prospective employees through social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In). Behavior can be in the form of lifestyle or hobby values ​​and also evaluation of negative behavior on social media. This process is carried out based on scientific and technological rules for crawling social media data categorized by the issues needed.

Business Proces Outsourcing (BPO)

Providing human resource service solutions capable of carrying out the implementation of your company's business strategy functions.

Make your company's business more efficient with PKSS Office Support Business solutions!

PKSS provides complete business support services, from office management, administration, finance to marketing. By using PKSS Office Support Business solutions, your company will become more efficient and productive, so that your company can focus on main business development

Integrated Security Management (ISM)

Take care of your company's security by using PKSS Integrated Security Management (ISM) service solutions!

PKSS provides technology-based security services, ranging from surveillance, physical security to information technology security. By using PKSS services, your company will be protected from security threats that may occur. A trained and experienced PKSS team will assist your company in identifying security risks, evaluating security systems, and providing the right solutions for your company's security.

  • Integrated Facility Service


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PKSS has learned again the importance of the services we provide to partners, not only for safety, tidiness and tidiness, but also for the hygiene we provide.

The Covid-19 pandemic provides a role for the Facility Service business for Partners in the work environment. Many people are very worried about hygiene, especially for service items that look clean, but are not sure if it's definitely hygienic.

We are very concerned about the health, safety and comfort of our partners, by prioritizing officers who are communicative and active and use technology in accordance with our service goals.

  • General Cleaning

“Our Cleaning, Support Your Business”

We are a provider of Cleaning Service personnel spread throughout Indonesia, concern for cleanliness, comfort, harmony, harmony and Hygiene is part of us.

The manpower we prepare is Honest, Responsible, Trained & Skilled and Good Behavior, accompanied by work tools and materials that are tailored to the needs of each material requirement and prioritize Work Safety.

  • Pest Management

“Health & Reputation is Your Asset, Pest’s are Our Part“

Our Property Pest Control refers to the Company's Licensing and Legality service documents as well as Ministry of Health certified Technical Operators using Pesticide labels that have an MSDS in accordance with occupational safety. Handling Pest control can be carried out in several ways with business criteria and ISO ( International Standardization Organization ) Pest Management Guidelines , GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) and HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ).International Standardization Organization), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) dan HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

We carry out pest control PATNER, Offices, Hospitals, Industry/Warehouses, Food & Beverage, Universities and Schools.

  • Mechanical & Electrical

We Are Partner and Balancers, Your Mechanical & Electrical Property”

Property is very important in the smooth operation of the business. Residents and asset users must enjoy a sense of security and comfort in the work environment. We can support budget optimization and efficiency by creating optimal mechanical & electrical maintenance plans to support your business needs.

Our PATNERs are Offices, Hospitals, Industries, and Universities.

  • Landscape


The beauty of the property can be seen from the building and the harmony of the garden that is presented so that users can enjoy a sense of calm and serenity, maintenance plays an important role. We provide excellent service with gardeners and supervisors who are experts in maintenance and care of the garden.

Applications that can be applied can be made in housing, offices, universities/schools, public facilities, hospitals, industry.

Optimize your company's business sales and profits by using PKSS Managed Service Sales!

PKSS provides integrated sales management solutions such as Sales Officer, Direct Sales and Telemarketing, from strategic planning, sales training, to customer and sales database management. Supported by an expert and experienced team, they will work with your company to create the right sales management solution for your company's business, with the aim of increasing your company's sales and profits.

Optimize the management of accounts receivable and your company's business finances by using the PKSS Managed Service Collection service solution!

PKSS provides integrated accounts receivable management solutions, starting from credit analysis, accounts receivable management, to collection and recovery of receivables. By using PKSS Managed Service Collection services, such as: Field Reminder, Telecollection and Voice Collection. PKSS helps your company in managing receivables, as well as increasing the effectiveness and speed in managing receivables and recovering receivables appropriately for your company's business.

Optimizing your company's business administration by using PKSS Administration Managed Service!

PKSS will assist your company in creating the right business administration management solutions for, such as Data Entry and Data Scanning. By using the PKSS Administrative Managed Service, your company can save time and costs in administrative management, as well as increase the effectiveness and productivity of your company's business.

It's time for your company to consider the PKSS E-archive Managed Service!

PKSS provides integrated electronic records management solutions, from data scanning, data uploading and records management systems that can help your company's business increase efficiency and productivity in data and document management.

PKSS provides the best Quality Assurance service solutions to ensure your company's business products and services meet the highest quality standards. With PKSS Quality Assurance services, such as: QA Contact Center & Survey, your company can increase customer trust and strengthen your company's business reputation.

Make your event memorable and unforgettable with PKSS Event Organizer services. As a professional Event Organizer, PKSS provides reliable and high-quality services, from concept planning to implementation, so you can enjoy your event well. PKSS offers solutions that suit your company's needs, such as:

  • Outing

The company's recreational activities are packaged in a fun activity in the open as a program to increase employee productivity.

  • Gathering

Activities organized by the company to gather business partners, workers or potential business partners in one place.

  • Exhibition

Promotional activities carried out by a company in the form of displaying product displays to prospective relations or buyers.

Promotional activities are packaged in an attractive way by displaying product displays to attract new customers.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Providing service solutions to increase the knowledge of Human Resources (HR) who are able to carry out the implementation of your company's strategic business functions or tasks.

A trained and skilled Security Unit is the most important thing and the key to the success of an area's security. PKSS provides comprehensive and professional Security Training and Education services. The curriculum that PKSS provides is in accordance with Police Chief Regulation No. 18 of 2006 namely Gada Pratama, Gada Madya and Gada Utama training as the main requirement for Security Units to improve the skills and knowledge of your company's Security Unit, so that your company can feel calmer and safer. 

Develop your own potential and increase your company's business productivity by joining quality PKSS training!

PKSS provides the best training programs to strengthen your skills and knowledge in the business field, with experienced trainers and up to date training materials. By using PKSS Training service solutions, we are ready to help your company to improve the quality and work skills of your company's Human Resources, such as: Frontliner Basic, General Corporate Training, Associate Training, Banking Training and Hard Skill Training.

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